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The Leaders'summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) will be held in Osaka, Japan, from 28 to 29 this month. The website of the G20 Osaka Summit recently released eight major themes of the Summit, namely, global economy, trade and investment, innovation, environment and energy, employment, women's empowerment, sustainable development and national health. As for the G20 Leaders'meeting, Osaka has yet to announce a specific agenda.

US President Trump said in an interview with Fox News on the 19th that he would meet Russian President Vladimir Putin during next week's G20 summit in Japan. Last month, after Prime Minister Modi confirmed his re-election, Trump telephoned to congratulate him and agreed to meet at the G20 summit at the end of June.

World Trade Organization Director-General Azevido said in Geneva on the 20th that he looked forward to taking practical actions to ease the current trade conflict at the Osaka Summit of G20 leaders in Japan at the end of this month.

At a press conference held that day, Azevido said that international trade tensions had not shown signs of easing, which put pressure on economic and trade growth. Azedovic said that at present, many leaders have expressed the unanimous attitude that they believe in the importance of the multilateral trading system and hope that trade conflicts will be eased, and that the multilateral trading system will be protected and strengthened.

SOLE GROUP expects the import and export tariffs of photovoltaics to be resolved at this meeting.

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