Become an Agent

SOLE SOLAR, as a company with global ideals, is opening up the right to be agents of various regions around the world. If you are a more optimistic company about the solar industry and have decided to join this industry, we welcome your invitation to cooperate.

1. Soliciting Inquiries from Prospective Agents:

1-1 Designate a dedicated representative or team responsible for receiving inquiries from potential agents.

1-2 Disseminate comprehensive documentation elucidating Sole Solar’s corporate standing, the advantages of agent partnership, the terms and conditions for joining, and the prescribed agent onboarding procedure. This information should be made readily accessible via official channels, including the corporate website and official promotional materials.

2. Preliminary Evaluation:

Undertake a thorough preliminary assessment of prospective franchisees to ascertain their eligibility according to pre-established criteria. This evaluation should encompass a rigorous examination of financial stability, industry expertise, and alignment with the core values and overarching objectives of Sole Solar.

3. Mandatory Site Visit:

Once a potential agent indicates their interest, necessitate their attendance for an on-site visit to Sole Solar’s corporate headquarters situated in Shenzhen, China. The purpose of this visit is to provide the potential agent with an immersive experience of Sole Solar’s corporate infrastructure and operational ethos.

4. Direct Headquarters Interaction:

During the visit to Sole Solar’s corporate headquarters, engage in a direct and formal audience with the prospective franchisee. In this session, present a comprehensive exposition of the company’s organizational profile, the benefits associated with agent collaboration, the stipulated agent partnership terms, and the intricate agent on boarding process. This occasion is instrumental in fostering a clear understanding of the Sole Solar ecosystem and its expectations.