The 7th International Renewable Energy Exhibition & Conference

Business Details:
Start Date 29 Mar 2018
End Date 31 Mar 2018
Focus Renewable Energy
International / National International
Exhibitors Last Time 150
Exhibition Visitors Last Time 12,000
Times Held Before 6

Ⅰ. Introduction: 

Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 is design to serve and advance the solar market by bringing together the industry leaders, manufacturers and leaders to seek new business technologies, business solutions and other market factors. The objective of Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 is to increase the share of solar power in the energy supply around the globe.

The main focus of this exhibition is to highlight the importance of the most practical and readily available non-conventional renewable resource i.e. Solar Energy. Studies suggest that the reliance of solar energy can be effective in combating the current power crisis in the country. Many developed economies have already started utilizing clean and renewable energy solutions due to which their installation cost has decreased globally. This is high time that Pakistan began to adopt this trend so that it can get over the energy deficit and speed up the rate of its growth.

The Solar Fair Pakistan 2018 will focus solely on photovoltaic, smart energy solutions and technology, energy storage systems & renewable heating. By participating one can avail the opportunity of superior networking, visibility and value in the solar market of Pakistan. 

Ⅱ. Exhibitors Profile: 

● Solar Pakistan is attended by the manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and business owners of the following industries / sectors
● Manufacturers Of Cell And Module Encapsulation, Crystal Growth Equipment, Diffusion Furnaces, Laminators, Mounting
● Systems, Concentrators, Trackers and Collectors
● Wire Saws and Consumables
● Silicon Feedstock, Ingot and Wafer Manufacturing
● Photovoltaic (PV) Modules, Hybrid Systems, Materials and Equipment
● Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries and Module Connectors
● Street Lighting and Poles
● Heat-Exchange and Recovery Equipment
● Solar Cell Manufacturers
● Solar Drying and Desalination Systems

Ⅲ. Why Exhibit: 

◆ Industry Updates
◆ Launch / Re-launch of Products
◆ Professional Networking
◆ Business Growth
◆ Branding Opportunities

Ⅳ. Why Visit: 

◆ Meet face-to-face with national & international energy professionals
◆ Make new business contacts and generate sales leads
◆ Get up-to-date with industry developments
◆ Demonstrate & lauch new products & technologies
◆ Raise your company profile and change market perception 
◆ Extensive media exposure befor, during and after the event
◆ Achieve more in three days of exhibition  

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