Full Automatic Production Line

Our production base covers an area of over 32,000m2 and has 16 production lines for solar products, can work for various advanced technology production requirements. With an impressive annual production capacity of 2.9GW, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the industry. 

Our cutting-edge automated production line represents a significant leap forward in capacity and signifies the transition from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

Our primary product offerings undergo a meticulous process consisting of 65 comprehensive production management steps and undergo stringent testing procedures four times. These steps encompass various stages, including lamination, framing, cleaning, EL testing of finished products, meticulous appearance inspections, and expert packing..

Experienced R&D Team

Sole Solar has assembled a team of exceptional professionals with extensive backgrounds in the semiconductor industry and related fields. Our team members bring a wealth of experience in various disciplines, encompassing physics, thermodynamics, photonics, mechanics, electronics, and other relevant majors.

Our seasoned research and development (R&D) team seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into the design of each product, delivering robust technical expertise to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Strict Quality Inspection

As a cornerstone of our business philosophy, Sole Solar places an unwavering emphasis on quality. We’ve seamlessly woven quality control measures into every facet of our vertically integrated manufacturing process. Collaborative partnerships with our trusted associates ensure that each and every product undergoes a thorough and stringent evaluation.

Our commitment to quality is further evidenced by our attainment of the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and our products have received validation from esteemed organizations such as TUV, SGS, CE, RoHS, CB, UL, and other relevant certificates.

Quality, in all its manifestations, has consistently served as the bedrock of our achievements. The presence of a cutting-edge manufacturing center empowers us to consistently uphold the highest standards of quality. Opt for Sole Solar, and you can rest assured that quality concerns will never be a cause for worry.